Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My first post - weed related topics

What kinds of foods would you eat when high?  My boyfriend who's been to jail apparently ate something called "spread" there which consists of chili flavored top ramen and whatever he could get from the commissaries.  He's pretty adamant about making it the "authentic" jail way so we did it how he did it.  So what went into the "spread" we made?  Chili top ramen (very important that it's the chili flavored type), a couple of doritos and some flaming hot cheetos, mayonaise packs, mustard pack, and whatever else you have available from your other jail buddies like soy sauce packs.  The procedure was pretty simple, all we did was take a small plastic bag, the kind they were served sandwiches in when they were in jail, and then we put all of the ingredients in there (including the spice packs that come with the top ramen).  You may need to double-bag the stuff because sometimes it pokes through.  We then smashed everything together till it became kind of a miscellaneous crumbly mix that sort of resembled what would happen if an 18-wheeler smashed a bag of Munchies.  Then we took boiling water, not too much, just enough to make it into a smushy substance.  So we put the boiling water into the bag, and put it underneath our blanket to let it cook, he says that's how he did it in jail.  After about 5 minutes it was ready!!!  It was really salty but still tasty and we ate it with the doritos that we had left.  He tells me you can use other things like bread or saltines.  Was pretty high at the time but I'm pretty sure it was delicious irregardless.   I can't wait for our next high-times adventure.


  1. haha, I'm sorry but that sounds soooo nasty! I find it hard for even me to say this, but I doubt no matter what situation I am in, I would never do that to get high... haha... have you ever heard of jenkem?

  2. I'd say some kind of sweets - that's always awesome :)